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After all, they are built on shotgun receivers and can only take as much bolt thrust as a shotgun would give them or the locking system will fail.
Actually they will take significantly more than the shotgun rounds produce. HOWEVER, that is still well below modern high pressure rifle rounds.

In .45-70, sticking with the standard black powder equivalent load (trap door Springfield level loads) means you can't go wrong. Until/unless a specific gun design has been tested with hotter loads and proven safe, you are, essentially, "off the map" and "there be Dragons here!".

Most of the time you can go a bit off the map, and not be eaten by dragons. But tis a certainty that if you go TOO FAR you will meet a dragon, and they will eat you. How far is too far?? only testing (and people being eaten) shows that.

play it smart, and safe, and don't push things unless you're willing to be that test case.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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