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H&R Shikiri (155)

I just picked up an H&R Shikiri in .45-70 Gov't. Everything I read about it suggests I should load it to level 1 (trapdoor) .45-70 levels and no more. That part I understand, but what does that mean where it concerns factory loaded ammunition? Is the off the shelf stuff going to be OK to shoot? Of course, I'm excluding anything that says +P or "magnum". I figure if the original .45-70-405 load won't kill it it's time to go home anyway but I got a bunch of 300 grain Winchester hollow points with the gun and want to make sure they're safe. I e-mailed Winchester to ask, but they told me I should contact H&R and ask them. I guess that's just their standard lawyer friendly response, but it doesn't really help since H&R isn't around anymore.
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