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I have been to several indoor ranges and they all had similar rules. Of course, these rules don't necessarily apply universally.

None allowed steel core projectiles (steel case ammo was fine).

They all allowed one to pick up their own brass as long as it was behind the firing line and more or less behind your lane. None wanted you to scavenge other shooters' brass or brass behind other lanes.

None allowed reloaded ammunition. All required you to buy and shoot their factory ammo through their rental guns. Any manufactured non-steel core ammo was OK through your own handguns.

One of the local ranges I used to go to shut down a few years ago after someone sneaked some steel-core ammo in and shot it through the backstop and through the wall into a motorcycle shop next door.

The newest range in my area does require you to watch a short safety video before shooting there the first time. Others just required you to read and initial their written range rules.
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