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If it is your first time you will have to go through a safty breifing. First they will have you ( depending on how up todate they are ) sign in. Name, address, DL number,phone number, ect. Pay you fee and then the ( most places do) ask if you are a reloader, what your shooting and caliber. Some places will have a magnet and check your ammo, No Steel ammo, Cause to much damage to back stop.
Safty breifing will be the normal that you already know. Gun stays in case till you are at line, muzzel down range at all times, Action left open when not at line. Buzzer or lights out mean cease fire, Lay gun down, action open take 2 steps back from bench. Do not retreive brass from in front of line. Shoot, enjoy yourself, when finished do reverse, gun in case before you leave line. Saftey glass's and ear protection are manditory. Some places ( where I work) have 2 sets of doors to go through. Let first door close before opening second door ( Exhaust fans create a heck of a Vacum). When you exit ( while it is not manditory they will instruct you to wash your hands in cold water).

Other Misc stuff- If you have a jam and can not clear it, please contact the RSO
( Range Safety Officer ) before proceeding. they may have special rules to follow.

Enjoy and have fun.
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