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Carry pistol requirements...

For a duty or carry/protection type semi auto pistol, it should meet these requirements:

Can be field strip w/o any tools or special parts.
Feeds & cycles with all factory type rounds 100% of the time or has a 0 fail rate.
The pistol magazines drop fully loaded or unloaded. No problems or jams.
3 dot or tactical night sights. Novak or non snag design.
Has a ambi magazine release or can be converted(I'm left handed).
The trigger is in one part ideally. Newer designs have wierd systems with triggers that are in sections.
Has second strike or can be fired a second time if needed to discharge a round.
Is DA only or a striker fired system that has no hammer spur.
Has a 1913/tactical rail for laser-aimers/white lights.
Has a round or curve style trigger guard but wide enough for winter gloves, tactical gloves.
Must have no rough textures, sharp edges or ridges that could cut the skin or tear clothing/leather.
Must have a chrome lined barrel.
Must safely fire +P or +P+ rated ammunition(within limits/regular use).
Must be a well made, respected brand & in documented use by military forces or sworn US law enforcement(meeting contract standards or passing T&Es).
No history of recalls, complaints or design flaws with the pistol model.
Can stand up to environmental factors & real world conditions w/o problems; snow, sand, grit, lint, dirt, mud, sweat, etc.
Is balanced & has a solid fit in either hand(loaded).
Has holsters, spare parts, gear, etc available for it in the USA.

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