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Back in the day....

...I had one from EMF with a brass frame. They marketed the revolver under the model name "Ballister". I do not now nor ever did know the significance of the name.

When I bought the revolver the barrel was actually bent. I mean bent. You could lay the barrel on a flat surface and see daylight in the middle.

I bought the thing when I was stationed in Guam in about 1977. Ordered it through Shotgun News. Took six weeks to get it and I was not confident that if I returned it, that I would ever see it again. So I straightened the barrel as best I could.

It shot okay but the stigma of the defect never left me and I never developed a warm regard for the pistol.

It was essentially a 1851 Navy style pistol but in .44 and with a brass frame. Mine did not have the target sights.

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