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Wuchak's approach it good if your are shooting where there are fixed shooting benches. Then a 2×6 with some extra length out the back for one of those Irwin Quick Grip clamps from Lowe's or Home Depot is the way to go.

I have one of the old Midway stands. It is identical to what is currently sold as Frankford Arsenal. Mine has my old Challenger press on it for odd jobs, though it's there just so I can move it around the house or near other loading presses in the basement. It works just fine, and I've resized up to .30-06 on it with no problem, though I'd have to take the base off to move it to the range. I usually use a hand press at the range, so it's never come up. My portable measures have their own bases. The Lee looks sturdier to me, but I've not had them side-by-side.
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