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Quick lvl 3 comm officer carbine question

I turn to TFL since my captains can't answer this straight.

I know some private security companies allow their lvl 3 officers to carry carbines/patrol rifles.

I live in texas

uptill now I thought it was illegal but doing a little more reading, and the fact that the PSB gives no info either barring it or allowing, has lead me to wonder if my baby can go out with me on patrols.

I work out of a company car doing supervising patrols so it would more then likely stay in there but some of our new accounts are in places where I thank myself for buying bulky 3A armor just passing through.

So my my question in a nutshell:
I would like to know or have information sent my way regarding the legallity of carrying my carbine in my company vehicle (or also in my own if one of our cars is down) while on patrol.

I know they allow shotguns (and I did the certification for it)

any information is appreciated!
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