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Post removed, no notification

I made a post in the "Did Cowboys Carry Pistols?" thread in the Revolver forum a few days back that was removed in very short order. I was expecting some sort of a warning due to its removal, but I had no idea what content was objectionable. The gist of my post was that, with some experience doing various sort of ranch work including working with animals, I would expect that a heavy revolver on the belt would be uncomfortable during a lot of the dismounted work of a cowboy. Other folks have made similar points since my post, and the material has been tolerated.

I am not upset that my post was deleted, but I am a little concerned that I offended in some way I don't realize, and do not want to repeat the offense. I would appreciate hearing from whatever moderator deleted my post, by whatever means they might choose, with an explanation of what was considered offensive in my post. With that information, I will strive to be a better editor in the future.
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