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As fleshbots (Wildalaska, 2009) we are weighed down with personal and political ideologies. Most agree that body armor is a right protected by some vague aspect of the BOR. Others feel that that is a no no. If I see someone walking around in chain mail (other than at Medievel Times) with a sword strapped to his belt at the local shopping mall, I will raise an eyebrow. If I see someone walking out of a gun show with 5 SKSs, 4 Remington 870s, and 10 Glock 17s (that`s a lot to carry) I will raise an eyebrow. If I see someone at the supermarket check out with groceries and he is sporting a flak jacket with 2 1911s and a Kabar strapped to him, I will raise an eyebrow.

Now just because I raise my eyebrow does not mean that I have the right to deny that individual the right to be unusual. We raise our eyebrows because we experience events that go against everyday norm. Things that shock us may also plauge our logic circuits which can cause us to say silly things like:

1) "What do you need that for."
2) "There oughta be a law against that."
and my personal favorite...
3) "Why doesn`t the govt get involved."

I have personal convictions but I try to keep them to myself (even though I have a right to voice them). However, I do not have the right whatsoever to use my convictions to physically deny the convictions held by other fleshbots (Wildalaska, 2009). Please let the fleshbots (Wildalaska, 2009) have their body armor...if you scratch their backs, maybe they will scratch yours

Curiosity yields evolution...satiety yields extinction.

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