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So absent 2A you'd be OK with gun bans?
Your implication that I am is Post hoc ergo propter hoc

By the way, I would argue that certain gun bans would be constitutional

There are no fundamental differences between the arguments raised in this thread against body armor, and the Bradyite arguments against classes of guns, and in fact against guns in general.
Reductio ad bradium

The position of your eyebrows is immaterial and uninteresting.
Not to normal folks

And if someone decides to ninja up and wait for the Apocalypse, what business is it of yours?
I'm entitled to be bemused by the antics of my fellow fleshbots. And as they have the right, to date, to ninja up, so too do I have the right to condescendingly smirk and point out their vagaries to my fellow norms.

Guess what their reasons were for their purchases
Tell, pray tell......

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