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muzzleloader and shotguns using sabot slugs can have close to 2000lb of presure at close could some hunting handguns.

the ranges that some people on this forum claim that certain guns can kill game,if those theories were true what hunter would need anything but a .243 or a 25-06.
there is a difference between maximum range for a fast clean kill and the range at which a rifle could be dangerous to could shoot a deer at 600 yards with a 30-06 if one did not mind tracking it for 6 miles through brush and woods
You could also shoot a deer at 600 yards, and watch it drop like a rock, if you're a good shot and use the right bullet.
There's records of .243 Winchester taking elk well past 600 yards... .243 win, being a cartridge that barely generates 2000ft/lbs at the muzzle.

A 130 grain 6.5mm bullet with an impact velocity of 1800fps or more should be adequate to harvest most elk, with good placement. The 6.5 Grendel is capable.
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