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I wouldn't waste my time with a lot premium bullets, not at the speeds the 6.5 Grendel will operate. Premium bullets really don't offer any advantage over traditional bullets when the MV starts out below 3000 fps. Mono metal bullets like Barnes, E-Tips, and GMX may not expand as much as a hunter wants at slow speeds. The Swift A-Frame being a bonded partitioned bullet has a reputation for needing blazing speed to get it to open.

The actual impact speed of the bullet being used in the OP's rifle will more than likely be around 2300-2000 fps. It doesn't take a super tough bullet at those speeds to get the job done. I'd be perfectly happy running plain old Sierra GK/PH, Speer HC, Nosler BT, Winchester PP, Remington CL, and Hornady IL bullets they're going to work plain and simple.
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