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I am glad you got the point.yes anything you post online about reloading or what a rifle can do or not do without knowing who is reading it,its always best to be conservative being that you dont know who is reading it.

shooting a deer nevermind elk at 400 with a .308 or 7mm-08 takes prime shot placement.this would be a very advanced shooter.maybe western elk are not as tough as New England moose too i have never hunted elk but ive always been told they are disperportionatley tough in relation to there size.i have eaten elk meat and its the best red meat i ever tried.

I was trying to be conservative.

the speed limit is posted for all drivers but dont you always see the state police doing 90 in the left lane even if there not responding to an emergency,which in new england is really speeding.they drive cars designed to drive at those speeds and they learn driving skills at police academy
i once knew a guy who grew up in a small town in western massachusetts and was hired by the state police.they sent him to barracks in boston.
but he did not want to live in urban eastern,mass,so he commuted every day 90 miles from his tiny town to speeds of 100mph

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