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Originally Posted by OP
Example, I bought an ar and for some paranoid reason I didn't want to take it out into the pouring rain. Am I alone in this? Is there a cure
I was introduced to the AR by my Uncle who had a bunch of them in a big arms room at Fort Knox, KY. I carried several over the course of 25 years, in all manner of weather. Dust, sand, grit, monsoon, dry baking heat, snow, you name it. If I was there, the little rifle was there with me as well.

I still own one, a clone of the A2 that I carried for so many years, and I like the A2 better than the A1 I was issued in the early '70s. It's still the rifle I carry when the weather is apt to go all booger-snot on me. There is nothing there that the weather will hurt.

But, all my rifles (and they are legion) are rifles to be used. Wood stock, plastic stock, if I can't take it out in the weather it's useless to me. My current favorite is a wood stocked Rem700 ADL that was built sometime around 1983. All those scratches mean something and it's the rifle that my grandkids argue about getting when I pass on, because it's PawPaw's rifle. I don't know that any of them drool over the AR, but they lust over that beat-up Remington because that's the one I carry.
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