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I love those, but an animal that I'm absolutely itching to get is a fox. I've gotten a couple coyotes, but I'm dying for a fox. The last time I saw one I was trying to figure out what was wrong with an airgun that belongs to my friend's dad, which wasn't shooting, when I saw a red fox come out of the corn about 75 yards away. Closest gun I could reach when I snuck back inside was a .22, said heck might as well, by the time I got back outside he was gone. The saying "you never see the same fox twice" seems to stick around to haunt me. One of my friend's uncles got the grand slam(3 is grand slam? Lol, fox, coyote, and mountain lion) of Texas predators in ONE DAY, and I totally envy it. I believe he actually had that picture published in some magazine. Anyways, that's my hunt right now! Thanks for the appreciation, get our there and get you some!
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