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I think the Lee 6-cav moulds may indeed be better than the 2-cav. I have Lee 2-cavs for round balls and the 45-200 TL boolit. I had trouble getting it to close properly. Have learned a technique to overcome that but it was just too slow. Boolits look great, just too many rejects due to the moulds not being lined up. The ball moulds work fine but I doubt I'll ever need more than 1000 from each. Only thing I've used the balls for so far is slugging bores and they work great for that!
6-cav Lee moulds produce a nice pile of boolits in very little time once you get the technique and temp figured out.
Looking forward to the range report for both boolits.
I had good results with Rooster Jacket lube in my 45 acp's. No buildup in the Dillon or the Colts. Nice smooth, dry finish. Cast and loaded about 1200 rounds, still have about 1000 pieces of brass left but I think I'm good for now.
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