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Went shooting my 7.62x25's today . . .

Went shooting my 7.62x25's today, same ammo, same target etc.

I got a CZ-52 a while back, just had to have it. Loved it when I got it. It was such a cool looking and well built gun! I must say it is a sold gun, a tank with the forged machined slide & frame, very beefy stuff.
First thing I noticed when I shot it was it's propensity to throw the empty brass into the next county. It had a hell of a kick too and does bite a bit! (the only gun I own that bites me) Man that 7.2x25 was a smoking round! So I got the heaviest Wolff spring made and now the empties just land in the neighbors yard, most still out of reach though.
I hand loaded some ammo for the CZ-52, that worked out well. All of the rounds functioned perfectly and accuracy was great. But the brass once again all landed in the neighbors yard in the grass. I am a brass scrounge, but I had no luck with this gun. I went on with life and kept shooting the surplus stuff and cleaning it after each range session. I read Clark's posts about the weak barrel, so I bought a brand new barrel, just in case my original was made on a Friday at 5:00PM.
Got some snap caps, because the firing pin is brittle, and a spare firing pin just in case.

Then I decided to get a TT-33 a few months ago to help dispose of all the 7.62x25 I have accumulated. I was also hoping maybe it would not toss the empties so far and I could shoot up some of my brand new hand loads I had quit using since the CZ-52 was chucking them over the fence and through the woods wasting brand new Starline brass, a sin I'm sure. But, and this is a big but, those TT-33's are ugly as sin, and to make it worse the aftermarket safeties they add are an abomination.

My TT-33 arrived and man oh man what a tinker toy. I was feeling so ripped off. Talk about a rickety, mickey mouse, 1911 knock off. :barf:

Then something wonderful happened, I shot it. Suddenly the mighty kick of the 7.26x25 was tame. Brass was almost falling at my feet, accuracy was very good and taking it apart to clean it was not so bad.

The groups in the attached photo are 24 rounds from each gun, all surplus junk ammo at 10 paces. Mind you I put well over 2500 rounds through the CZ before I got the TT-33. I've put maybe 200 rounds through the TT-33 and shoot it far better already. It's a joy to shoot, ugly as sin, but it's a shooter.

So one looks great, is fragile and is a bear to shoot. The other looks like it was put together by children and functions / shoots wonderfully. I'll keep the TT-33, the CZ-52 is on the chopping block now.
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