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I hope those who are saying it's all gonna go away and there will be sales, even, etc. are correct. However, I doubt it. I have had bullets on order from Midway since last December and the last time they would give me any information, there were over 250 orders for what I have on order - and that's 500 that's what? over 150,000 before they would even put them back on the "in stock" side? They must have a million (literally) on order if we are ever to see them again. (I'm speaking of Rem. 230 grain Golden Sabre's in .451) - none to be had.

Maybe I'm pessimistic, but I see it getting worse as the Dem.'s and Obama put the crunch to the gun owners and shooters. Truly hope I'm wrong.
I thought that Walmart's limit of 6 was going to help things improve but it hasn't helped yet. I agree with Mike Irwin's (and the industry's) statements that the problem is caused by worried consumers and not by government or war. But, like you, I'm getting worried it isn't going to let up.

Keep a very close eye on any government healthcare laws and new government agencies. Lead poisoning continues to be a leading on-the-job health and injury risk to career criminals and I'm sure it will be addressed as a healthcare issue.
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