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Swamp Yankee sorry if I came off the wrong way with you. You buy, and shoot whatever you want. I do not know what hoarding is for anybody but me. I know what I shoot, and what I need to feel comfortable. I am sure you are buying in the same way. How about the people who bought the large amounts to resell are they hoarding or just trying to make a fast buck? Its your call not mine. You buy what you want, and feel comfortable with. I also have alot of differnt types of powders for differnt rifles, and pistols. But I feel its what I need for what I am shooting. You could be correct, maybe you do know more about it. It could be 50,000 or 100,000, but maybe they are shooting that many. Who knows. Most folks on here I dont believe are hoarding or they would not be here. Sorry again Jim.

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