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No I didn't buy anything because of Obama, in fact, I voted for him! I don't believe we will see any new gun control anytime soon and I think people who go out and buy $3000 of ammo just because it is there are foolish- that's exactly what a woman did at a local gun store just after Obama got elected, we're not even sure she owned a single gun.

About 2-3 months ago I was down to may last 300 SP primers. So I went online and tried to order more. I had no luck. It was a very unpleasant feeling to almost run out of primers and not be able to get more. So to prevent that unpleasant feeling from happening again, I bought about 6 times as many primers as I need in a year. And besides paying the hazmat and shipping more times than I would have liked, I didn't overpay on any of the items. If things had been in stock everywhere, I could have saved a few dollars by going through Grafs instead of Natchez, but I certainly don't feel ripped off.

I do feel as though I have given myself a comfortable margin, not that I am hoarding. But I guess its all a matter of degrees. If I had 50,000 primers, then maybe I would feel like I was hoarding? Or 100,000? Or not. Once I hit the 7,000 mark per primer type, I have stopped buying. Is that the behavior of a hoarder?

I know that there are hoarders and speculators out there, just check out Gunbroker. But my comment is directed a James R. Burke, and specifically, his keen ability to determine what hoarding is and is not.
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