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Can't Figure Out What's Wrong

Sorry about this bad link, folks! I copied the HTML to my computer and then used that as the link by mistake.

Here is the correct link:

I checked it this time in Preview and it works.

This is not a drive by (unless I seriously misunderstand the term). Read it closely. The consequences of the 'few changes' that have been promised by the new administration are cited as one of the steps down a slippery slope.

Again, I urge everyone to read it. It is pro civil liberties and defends - among others - the Second Amendment.

UPDATE: I've discovered that I put this in the wrong forum topic, too. (Don't you just HATE new folks who don't pay attention!). It should be in the Law and Civil Liberties forum topic, I suppose; but, then again, maybe it should be posted as a sticky in every forum topic. Guess it depends on how important you think the content to be.

Sorry for my mistakes folks! I'm still finding my way here on The Firing Line.

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