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Of Special Importance to Gun Owners

UPDATED ! ! ! ! ! ! ! - Link is now correct!

In reading a thread here yesterday, someone had posted a link to this site:

I was intrigued and read then re-read this treatise by 2 law professors. It is one of the most interesting things I've ever read. I urge you to read it.

In fact, if I could wave a magic wand and bend folks to my way of thinking (heh, heh, heh - who in his right mind would make such a statement on a gun enthusisasts site), I'd make reading this mandatory and force everyone to take a quiz on its contents before posting or reading this forum. [ He SAID WITH TONGUE FIRMLY PLANTED IN CHEEK!! ]

Seriously folks. This document analyzes how slippery slopes occur and what to look for as enabling conditions and how they evolve over time. The authors use an examination of gun ownership laws in Great Britain as the paradigm for examining the slippery slope phenomenon. The treatise is excellent both for the slippery slope treatment and for the information reported about how gun ownership and other very important civil rights traditionally enjoyed by the British have been taken from them.


And thank you to whomever posted the link. I tried to find the thread so I could attribute your sponsorship but thought it more important - for the moment - to encourage everyone to read the treatise. My apologies for taking the liberty.


Since posting this originally, I found the thread wherein I found the link to this law review article. It was posted by SigFanTN in about the 45-46th post in this thread:

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