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I think they sold me the wrong license. I wonder if the "harvesting" license is any cheaper.
I can go out and shoot a deer from my truck while I am cruising the forest and even listen to the radio while I do it. I can also slap a tag on it and check it in the next day and even drop it off to have it mounted. This still doesn't make it hunting. It is harvesting a deer though. Not much different from the way you harvest your deer except for I'd be sitting in a warm truck on wheels instead of a warm cabin on stilts.

If you really want to hunt something then get out and hunt it - don't sit back in a cabin drinking coffee while your warming your toes on a propane heater and watching your feeders spit out feed for your semi-tame animals. If you do harvest your deer this way then please don't come here trying to tell all of us that your hunting because this is the furthest thing from hunting there is. If you disagree with this then you obviously have never been hunting before.

Oh, and by the way... This is my opinion and if you or anyone else doesn't like it, who cares
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