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Wait I'm confused - what exactly happens at this "Boys Town"? And you need a license to do it?

You forgot to mention having sleep in the trailer or tent with "Butch" the old hunter who ate broccoli and crab cakes for dinner and washed 'em down with Pabst.

No one mentioned being stuck in the blind with the one guy who forgets his glasses or who's eyes are still watering (maybe from sleeping in Butch's tent)... who keeps squinting and whispering "zat a deer?" every time something moves.

Or worse yet, the guy who's so hung over he pukes not only in the blind, but all over the ATV on the way back to camp.

Or the guy nearby in a tree stand with a bladder the size of a walnut who can't stop fidgeting.
And some people wonder why I hunt alone....

Dang how come we don't have a boys town in okla? Sounds like fun...
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