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Holier than thou hunting. Not in Texas!

You see, here in the hill country me and six other friends lease about 2000 acres for about $25,000 per year. The night before opening day we get drunk and party till about midnight. We get up around 5 am feeling pretty salty as you can imagine.
Then we drive our trucks or 4 wheelers up to our fully enclosed elevated blinds, get out our thermos of coffee and wait till its light enough to see. If the temperature were to drop below like 60 degrees we would of course crank up the propane heater.
Well, the feeders eventually go off and it gets light enough to see the deer at the feeders. I have two feeders at my stand and at first light saw at least a dozen different deer. But several others came and went over the course of the morning.
Had a great morning as the rut was on and the bucks were chasing the does and fighting with each other. I saw some big deer but not any that got me excited enough to shoot. Time to go back to camp for a big breakfast and a nap. And I need to remember to bring a couple of cold ones to the stand for the evening hunt.
What a great weekend! I didn't shoot any deer but did shoot a big sow hog on Sunday morning that got skinned and put in the cooler. Maybe next weekend I'll bring my boy up to shoot that ten pointer I passed on.

This post was inspired by those that trashed that kid for being excited about shooting that nice Texas buck a few threads back. If you don't like the way I hunt, who cares.
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