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Thanks for the very good info.
I spoke with the owners widow when I bought the gun and the only information she had was it had been her husbands hunting rifle for more than 60 years, so it has been fired many times.
What little info I found on the brittle receiver story from Springfield, seemed to indicate that failure's seemed to occur in the first few rounds fired through the rifle and were thought to be connected to bad ammo produced with soft case heads which would rupture and bleed gas into the receiver.
Any thoughts on the viability of the action due to the extended use this one has had? I might indicate the guy at the forge might have been having a good day when he made this one.
I am leaning toward having the headspace checked and giving it a go, perhaps with some moderate handloads. I have very little use for wallhangers .

PS How was the original rear sight mounted? The field strip routine says to drive out the cross pin from the fixedbased sleeve and drive the sleeve forward off the spline pin. Is there any machining on the barrel that I could look for?
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