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springfeild 03 ID

I picked up an '03 at a garage sale the other day and am now trying to figure out what I have.
The reciever is marked " U.S.Springfield Armory Model 1903 165XXX" The only other marking I can find without taking it apart is a small "NS" stamped on the top flat of the bolt handle where it joins the bolt.

The rifle has been modified ,it looks like the original straight stock was cut off ahead of the barrel band with what looks like the original sling still attached there. It has a long ramp type front sight and a rear Lyman peep sight mounted at the rear of the receiver. There are no mounting holes at the front of the receiver or on the barrel.
It is in generally very good condition although the bore is not that great.I would like to shoot this rifle but have heard and only half remember the facts about the brittle receivers in the old Springfeilds.
Please tell me what you can. Also is there a method to check the headspace I could use?
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