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That's not necessarily true. The first shot should be okay. After that, things could get jammed up.
Agreed, but I would never rely upon a one shot stop unless I absolutely had no other choice.

Hopefully, you won't have to shoot from inside a pocket. I know, defensive encounters can be messy and unpredictable.
Agreed, but note my comments below.

At least in my case, "pocket carry" usually means a pants pocket. It also tends to mean a pocket holster. It would be a real feat to get a shot off through the pocket that way... =/
Agreed but it usually means IWB for me.

What pocket do you normally use for carry? Do you use a pocket holster?
IWB with holster but if I'm noticing a sketchy situation I will carry in my hand while placed in a jacket pocket or in my hand underneath my outermost garment.
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