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Regarding whether or not the slide holdback works, and how unimportant that hold back is, I can't believe that people are saying that it's unimportant.

There is nothing more important than planning for trouble. A .380 is a gun created for and reserved for shooting at bad guys. That requires an absolute minimum of distraction. Having to rack a slide as part of putting in a new magazine is a distraction. It also creates delays. It might be forgotten even.

Almost every combat training course includes working with only one hand. It's important to learn how to work a gun with only a single hand. How will you work the slide on the LCP if there aren't any surfaces handy that you can hook that slide on? How many people could actually do that?

You can't rack a slide with your teeth. If I am caught with my slide locked shut and it's one of the days when my fingers just don't work properly, I am going to die./

Just offhand, doesn't pretty much every semiautomatic weapon use a hold open device? If it's so important that nearly every semiautomatic pistol sold has one, is it really logical to say that it is unimportant to have one in a pistol intended for nothing at all but combat use?
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