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Spanish mausers were from Lowe Berlin
Not to be a nitpicker here, but most Spanish model 1893 Mausers were made under license in Spain at the Oviedo arsenal, and are so marked. There are numerous documented issues with Spanish Mausers, mostly in the hardening of the receivers. Many 1893 Mauser rifles made by Loewe were sold around the world, notably in South America (these are NOT Spanish Mausers). Any Loewe marked Mauser is a real Mauser (Waffenfabrik Mauser was bought by Ludwig Loewe, later became Deutsche Waffen und Munitionfabriken (DWM) in 1897). Are they better than Oviedo Spanish Mausers? I like to think so, but I could be wrong. Calling a DWM or Loewe Mauser a Spanish Mauser is inaccurate.
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