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Originally Posted by wizrd View Post
Mr. Garand (who inventedthe action) pronounced his last name 'jer-und'. I know my H&K USP .40 is Heckler & COKE, -- Sako - I may have to call the company.
I thought that Mr. Garand pronounced his name: Gar-and.

I pronounce SAKO as sock-o, and Lap-wa as in Lapua

I usually don't care how they pronounce Garand, Lapua or SAKO but I do give some shooters a heads-up at the range about the pronunciations --- Though most (here in Maryland) seem to still like pronouncing it Ga-rand (maybe it sounds like the M1 Garand is worth at least a grand to them and La-pua sounds cuter than saying Lap-wa.
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