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I've helped put out several small range fires between Camp Pendleton and Darwin Australia due to tracers (you are supposed to call the fire department but that means that training stops, the unwritten rule is that if it is small enough to put out with e-tools and canteens without risking injury you go ahead and do that). When the fire danger is too high you can shoot but no tracers (de-linking thousands of tracers is one of those times when you question if the training really is worth it.....). Even with the tracer ban in effect, Camp Pen will typically get a huge fire once every 3-4 years that is started on a range.

That is my story for outdoor ranges. If you shoot tracers on an indoor range you probably should not be allowed to shoot ever again.

I was coaching the Boulder NROTC rifle team at a police range in Longmont CO (long story short, the university had a rifle range but we were not allowed to shoot any lead ammo on it. Try finding match grade non-lead .22 for a reasonable price). The police let us use the range for free and most of us non-students would use the last half hour while the students were cleaning to use the range for our own firearms. An unnamed SSgt was shooting his AR and it was throwing up huge amounts of sparks from the steel backstop. After calling a cease fire it became apparent that he was shooting M855 (closer examination being me saying "Hey dip****, are you shooting greentip?). If anyone from Longmont PD is reading this, I apologize on his behalf.

Range regs exist for a reason, if you can't follow them build your own range.
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