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I can't offer advice.
You're just going to have to trace everything and get your best idea of what's going on (how it's wired, and what's wrong), before diving in.

But I will say that I feel your pain. My last house was the model home for the neighborhood. Many shortcuts taken. Much pain in the butt.

My current house was carefully chosen (10+ month search) with one of the considerations being that my wife and I never wanted to own a home that had been the model, again.
Well, as you might be guessing, we found out two years after moving into this house that it was the model (which is also why it has the largest lot).
Not only were shortcuts taken when it was built (from structure, to wiring, to plumbing, to insulation), but it was remodeled several times and "upgraded" by the previous owner many times.

I now have four circuit breakers that are, somehow, and somewhere, tied together ... and all include 3-way lighting circuits. I know (or suspect) where three of the (assumed) handy boxes or junction boxes from remodels or "upgrades" are located. But they're all buried in walls. I managed to find a specific combination of switch positions that makes ALL of the 3-way lighting circuits limited to a single switch, but eliminates stray voltage and other undesirable symptoms. (Though still requires all of the circuit breakers to be off to work on any of the circuits.)
I really need to dig in and fix it. ...But I'm waiting for the next remodel to tear the walls open.

For now, we live with three light switches taped down, and one with a note taped above it, reading, "Do not use if dining room light is on."

The plan is to have two (or three) sub panels installed, and then rewire everything possible myself. But, that seems to be years down the road, at this point.
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