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Originally Posted by Tony Z View Post
Be careful the circuit (circuits) are not backfired.
I'm guessing Tony means "Backwired" and not "Backfired". Even then, unless the bad receptacle/bad job of backwiring, was the first in line(and ahead of the light branch), it wouldn't kill the whole room, just that receptacle and those beyond.

I'm surprised with the age of the house, that you actually have breakers and not fuses or fustats. You sure you don't have another panel somewhere? One reason I always recommend against putting light and receptacle branches on the same circuit is putting yourself in the dark when you trip a breaker at the receptacle. A post WWII house is not that old and should have good wires and wiring, unlike a pre-electricity/turn of the century house that had everything retrofitted.

The blowing of the circuit when moving a lamp tends to make one think it is a problem within the receptacle that the light was plugged into. Could be a loose connection in a wirenut that has been arcing in the past and finally fried the connection. While within the box with the receptacle, could be separate from the receptacle. Still the movement of the receptacle may have caused movement in the wire connection. Stray voltage is sometimes associated with arcing connections. Many DIYers use the wire nuts to twist the connection together instead of twisting the connection first and then covering it with the wirenut and don;t alwways get a good tight connection. The proper way to do receptacles is with jumpers, so even if one has a bad receptacle or a loose connection at the receptacle, it doesn't affect the whole circuit. You are also not running all the power thru each and every outlet in the branch all the time.

Do you know what breaker controls the room for sure? If so, do you have stray voltage when that breaker is off? Just because the lights are off in the room does not mean the power is completely off. If you know what breaker controls that room, do you know exactly what else the breaker controls? Is everything on that circuit dead or only part?
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