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Reloading room shutdown.

I have my reloading room set up in an empty upstairs bedroom as we are now empty nesters. Recently I just finished rebuilding my benchtop and getting everything back in order and all was going nicely.

Then the other night I was at the bench and I slide a new gooseneck LED light to reach something and I heard that familiar electrical zzzzziiitttttttts, light flickered and then all went dark.

When downstairs to reset the breaker only to find none tripped. Still dark.

This is an old 1 1/2 story house that was build sometime shortly after the end of WWII and like most of the others here were originally just summer cottages. Sure it's been updated over the years and even the attic was expanded and a dormer added at some point.

Well pulling outlets, receptacles and switches I am realizing that whoever did this was an idiot and not a professional. It is completely FUBAR'ed and there are more sizes, colors and types of wire up there than there are runs. Now I have also found stray voltage ranging from 40-50vac with the power off.

Not sure how I am going to proceed here but my reloading is finished until I can fix this. Morale support will be warmly welcomed while I'm shut down. Anyone with help or advice please feel free to PM me!
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