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Trace does not start fires unless the range grass, etc. is really, really dry. An indoor range can have gun powder residue and tiny powder particles all over the floor and in the back stop. A trace alone isn't likely to light that.
At the Second Chance Night Tracer Festival, years ago, the targets at 600ish yards were full gas cans, full 25 and 100 pound propane tanks, fireworks, a car and a refrigerator. A dozen or more rifle and MG shooters including Dickie Davis and his .50 BMG. All rifles and MG's firing tracers. Absolutely nothing happened other than the propane creating a lovely white cloud wafting gently over the ground. Then Dickie fired the .50 with APTI. This created a great, big, ball of flame and black smoke that rose several hundred feet. The tracers did nothing at all. Even when fired into the cloud of propane.
"...markings have been cleaned or worn off...." Only marks on a trace is a painted bullet tip. Orange for NATO ammo.
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