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Originally Posted by zeke View Post
The 45 xds is pushing the limits on small 45 acp design. There is a lotta "lift" with powerful loads, and like a lot of small pistols it requires a tight grip.
I remember listening to a Springfield rep on a podcast of a radio interview a bunch of years ago. This was after the XD45 had come out, but before the XDM, XDS or Mod 2.

Caller called in asking if they were going to have a .45 subcompact. The Springfield rep replied that they were having trouble getting the recoil assembly right, for reliablity, in the 3" subcompact size.

So I guess they never did, and settled on the 3.3 inch for (first) the XDS45, and later the .45 Mod 3 version of the XD. Thus, also, some of the feeding issues early users of the XDS were having, that I alluded to above.

To Lee,

I am using a RN and it may be seated too high. The way I cleared the round was to lightly pull back on the slide until it came loose. No apparent deformity to the bullet.
Over the years I've run into a bunch of subtleties with loading the .45, that I had to solve. In a sense .45ACP is easy, a great big cup for powder. In a sense, it's not because you run into things like this.

BTW, I have run cast lead SWC .45 in mine, with no problem.
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