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Coupla responses.....

To Railroader,

Haven't tried factory loads yet. Maybe next time I go out.

To Lee,

I am using a RN and it may be seated too high. The way I cleared the round was to lightly pull back on the slide until it came loose. No apparent deformity to the bullet.

To Zeke,

I like this pistol and I sure wish I had been able to put more rounds through it. When I was still teaching in university one of my professors was threatened by a student. The university declined to take any protective action exposing the professor (105 pounds soaking wet) to more of the students barbs including threats against her family. (I finally left the school over this and other outrageously stupid decisions.) She asked me about personal defense and I recommended the XDS-45 (She was not comfortable carrying a shotgun.... ;o) ) for the very reasons you mentioned. Quality, size, control-ability and weight of the bullet.

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