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the very next round jammed. Failed to go into battery.
Do a "plunk test". (remove the barrel from the gun. Drop a loaded round into the chamber, and note how it seats.)

Bullet might be seated too high, and be biting the rifling. If so, adjust to seat low enough for this not to happen.

If the cartridge hangs up before it drops into the chamber all the way it could also need crimping. Thus, my suggestion to try a Lee Factory Crimp Die.

You should not need to do anything to the feed ramp. It's mirror smooth from the factory.

Failure to go into battery was a problem early on for the XDS 45. If you look, folks write about it for a stretch early on, and not much later. (I had this with mine, a "new old stock" gun I bought, I think, 3 or 4 years ago. A lot of dry firing, hand cycling, and light polishing in certain spots resolved it.)

----edit to add----

link to what I recommended: Factory Crimp Die
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