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Of the several cheap hand guards to choose from, I liked the look of this one the best but I really only had the pix to go by.

So far my only disappointment is that the barrel nut doesn't reach the 3rd lock screw. I would have preferred it if the nut wasn't preinstalled but that's only a minor issue. I'm sure I can knock it out with a wooden dowel...

It came with a couple shims and an allen wrench but I'm sure I'll have to torque it on whatever barrel I end up with before I can get it lined up the way it should be.

The upper receiver is hollow at the moment and I don't have a barrel yet but this is how it looks right now...

There's a boss for a tripod but it's not threaded and no provision for a sling attachment but those are both things I'm sure I can figure out.

So far it's looking like a very good deal...


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