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For $40 it's worth trying. Even if it sucks, later on if you ever decide to do a 9mm AR build those cheap free float handguards would be perfectly fine given the distances for 9mm won't often exceed 75 yards.

I recently bought a $30 green laser/light combo on Amazon expecting it to suck. The housing is plastic, but the darn was spot on and I laughed at how fun it was shooting with a laser. Came with rechargeable CR123 batteries and for $30 is blows away the $270 Streamlight I bought years ago with the crap red laser.

Buying cheap is like a box of chocolates, never know what you're gonna get. Most people on forums detest cheap, only that which is most expensive is worhty of your money. They must buy all their tools from Snap On, $60 hammers, $400 cordless drills, etc.

I was tempted to go cheap on a handguard when I did my AR build last year, but better sense emerged and I bought Midway's AR Stoner handguard. Double the price, but known quality and the devil you know is... you know the rest.

You can spend more money on something and never get even half of it back. Years ago I bought a Marlin .22 for $270. Thing "groups" like a shotgun at 50 yards. I want to sell it, but I know I'll barely get half what I paid for it.

$40 is nothing in comparison.
Any good revolver > Any good semi auto

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