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So I would figure there would be much fighting within the gun control crowd.
There might be, so what?

The only real difference between the ban then all, everything, group, and the only ban some group, and the only ban certain features group, is what will make them happy, TODAY.

Ever hear any of them say, "agree to this and we'll never ask for another thing, ever?" No. And you won't.

Because the only ban certain guns, and the only ban certain features groups would ALSO be happy with banning everything. They just demand less, now, because they understand that demanding what they can't get, today, actually works against their cultivated patina of reasonableness.

They claim to be about "common sense" and 'reasonable first steps", and "compromise". But that's just a smokescreen.

What do the pro gun people want? Our zealots want a return to 1789, where the only "gun control" law was the 2nd Amendment, which isn't actually gun control, its Government control.

they know they aren't going to get that, either, but we can wish....

There are a lot of good people working to try and "disarm" the bad laws that infringe on our rights, as well. We have had some successes in the last few years, and we need to keep it up.

By the numbers, I would guess the majority of us would accept just being left the hell alone. Of course, our opponents being who and what they are, that's not going to happen, either.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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