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The problem with "gun rights people" is that we are very individualistic and think for ourselves. We have no "Great and Wise Leader" or Politburo set the "Party Line". And we have no "Party Control Commission" to enforce discipline and expel those who do not follow "The Party Line."
I think this is a lot of it honestly.

We're not that far apart gentlemen and ladies.
I also agree with this. We often split hairs. I remember when we discussed national reciprocity after the 2018 election. The key hangup was a knee-jerk reaction against the Federal government mandating that states honor CCH permits, and over whether the CCH Permit standards would be more California style. Everyone liked the idea of National Reciprocity, but not everyone liked swallowing the pill it would likely take to get us there. There were a few threads here on it (and on THR) with a fair amount of reasoned debate. As you said, we really aren't that far apart.
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