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Originally Posted by Bartholomew Roberts
Well, I know you know this 44AMP; but at the heart of it, the way you view gun politics is shorthand for a lot of other deeply held values. If you believe the government is the representative of the citizen and serves that citizen, it is hard to square the idea that the government should have special privileges on use of force, let alone a monopoly.
I'd add to that the idea that constitutionally protected rights are distinguishable from mere policy disagreements.

One could believe as a matter of public policy that privately held firearms should be prohibited, or only men should be permitted to vote or that the federal government should outlaw alcohol. However, if one asserts that the constitutions permits all those and we should have Sup Ct justices who will hold that the COTUS permits those, then we aren't having a disagreement on policy and social issues; we are disagreeing on whether the COTUS is a governing legal document and whether there is good faith in ignoring its text.
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