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Well, I know you know this 44AMP; but at the heart of it, the way you view gun politics is shorthand for a lot of other deeply held values. If you believe the government is the representative of the citizen and serves that citizen, it is hard to square the idea that the government should have special privileges on use of force, let alone a monopoly.

The key tenet of advanced civilizations is they have a solid predictive mechanism that allows them to resolve disputes without resorting to use of force. As long as all citizens accept that the predictive method used to resolve conflicts is valid, they can have continual revolutions without destroying infrastructure and human capital. Because that civilization isn’t being reset to zero by conflict, it gains over others.

The problem hits when citizens start to feel like the system is being gamed and doesn’t accurately predict actual conflict results. You can see where disarming your citizenry (in slices or in whole) throws a wrench in that. Then people start thinking that destroying a lot of wealth creating infrastructure is worth the price of escaping perceived enslavement.
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