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My current thinking is that if there is any need for an extra clip I have misread the situation and I should not be there. I read a lot here about extra clips/New York reloads and was wondering if I am missing something.
You are missing quite a bit, please get some training.

Its not always about ammo, How do you expect to run your gun if your only magazine craps out, get damaged or otherwise fails. Magazines are a critical element to your gun, its good common sense to have a spare.

Armed conflict is chaotic business.. its not all that unusual for a magazine to become dislodged or inadvertently ejected. If that sucker slides across the floor, you may not be able to simply walk over and get it.

We are not talking about someone carrying 300 rounds, we are talking about 1 extra magazine.

Its not about misjudgment.. none of us are in control over the nature or duration of the attack that we hope never comes.
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