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I don’t have either, but I own a bunch of silencers and I’ve shot many more, so I’ll give you my take (for what it’s worth):

If the purpose of this gun is utilitarian and you just need a rifle that’s compact, easy to handle, and can be fired outside for a few shots without causing measurable hearing loss, go with the short version. But if you want to use it for recreational purposes and fire for long periods of time while having it be as quite as possible, then go with the longer version.

5.56 rifles with silencers are still fairly loud, even with the quietest silencers on the market. Longer silencers add quite a bit of length and make the rifle unwieldy, so I’d only go that route if maximum quietness mattered a lot to you.

EDIT: Duh, you said it was 300 BO in the title and I obviously missed that. And here I’m talking about 5.56... But most of my points are still applicable. I won’t add anything about 300 BO since Sharkbite covered it pretty well in his post.
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