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CISNO laser anybody?

From time to time I've thought about getting just a laser, not a laser/light combo for my long guns as I have rail space to use separate accessories and would like to have the option of taking the light off when it's not needed. Since this isn't a laser for a handgun, I don't need one that's compact and built for a handgun.

Enter the CISNO that is sold on amazon.

It's pretty bulky as far as lasers go for a handgun, but I have no use for a laser only on a pistol. Reviews are fairly positive, but they all focus more on the fit of the laser, not it's function, quality, and ability to hold zero. My intended use would be on a carbine for home defense or maybe out to 15 yards, maybe 25 if I can still see the laser at that distance.

Basically, not looking to use it at long range.

Has anyone tried the CISNO laser before?
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