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Just my 2 cents opinion, take it for what it's worth. I own the Ruger in 223 and 7.62 and the CZ in 7.62 and all get shot quite a bit. The 7.62 is more powerful but not as accurate as the 223, the bolts on both 7.62 has a bit more play than the 223 (this bothers me). I bought the 7.62's because of all the talk of that caliber in a bolt rifle with steel case ammo and they are fun for sure. But for precision work and smooth operation the 223 shines every time. The 223 has plenty of power to reach out and touch and destroy, don't underestimate it. The 7.62 more so and it has power but with less accuracy, at least that has been my experience. After I got in much range time with all 3 rifles in both calibers (a years worth of shooting). The Ruger's are work horses and rock solid rifles with great accuracy. The CZ's are very beautiful and also very accurate and both impressed me very much. A friend let me shoot his Savage 11 in 223 (trophy hunter) and well it kind of changed everything for me. It's kind of hard to describe because the Savages aren't polished up and pretty, but the accuracy and smoothness won me over immediately. It does everything I want it to do with a wide variety of 223 ammo and accuracy is superb. Since then I bought a 2nd Savage in 223 (hog hunter) and Again the accuracy has blown me away. just my 2 cents worth of opinion.
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